Couple Therapy


How do we know if we need couple therapy?

Most couples fight. However couple therapy may be useful if:

Every fight leaves you feeling blamed, hurt or ignored,

If you have given up fighting because nothing gets resolved,

If you find that it’s hard to think of positive memories of your

life together;

If you dread coming home or

If you find it hard to think positively about your future together.


How does couple therapy work?

If working things through at home has left you both feeling battered and hopeless then it might be hard to think that couple therapy could help.


However couple therapy provides a safe space where you can communicate on the issues that most deeply affect your relationship. You get a chance to understand each other better so that, together, you can build a strong, safe and caring relationship capable of carrying you through life.


What if my partner won’t come?

Many partners are reluctant to come to therapy. It is a brave decision on both sides when a couple agrees to try it. Some may worry that the therapist will take sides. They might worry about saying something that they regret. They may worry about being blamed for what has gone wrong.

When a relationship becomes an uncomfortable and unhappy place, it is easy to point the finger and to avoid revealing your most truthful thoughts to one another. However, couple therapy offers an alternative to blame leaving you both free to be yourselves.

It might be helpful to reassure your partner of this, however if he or she is still unsure then please feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns. I will do my best to offer helpful ideas.

Can we afford it?

It’s true that some therapies can be expensive. Fortunately, using a fresh page approach means that there is no “one size fits all” price.

I am committed to making my services accessible and strive to offer some daytime slots at a reduced cost. Please contact me if you wish to discuss this further.

How long will we be in therapy?

It’s hard to know how long therapy can take. However I can help you both decide, exactly where you want to get to and then to decide how you might know when you are there.