Couples on the Autism Spectrum

I believe that autism is getting in the way of my relationship. Is there any hope that things can be better?

I have met and worked with many couples who see autism as interfering in their relationship.

Difficulties experienced on the autism spectrum can lead to feelings in both partners of isolation, bewilderment and confusion.

However there is hope that things can be better.



How does therapy work on the autism spectrum?

 Therapy on the autism spectrum starts from the assumption that differences in the relationship are posing obstacles to a fulfilling relationship.

For both partners, these differences seem to get in the way of empathy, communication and adaptability to one another.

Therapy here starts with the need to develop a new language or way of communicating.

In this way, couples learn to understand each other better and develop the energy and strength to adapt to one another’s needs.



Will couple therapy be too anxiety provoking for both of us?

 Couple therapy can be daunting.

Some may worry that they may reach information overload and that it may be too difficult to process all the information they are receiving.

Some may worry about they might say the “wrong thing” and that the other might get upset.

Some may be tired of the burden of responsibility that a label of autism automatically gives to both partners of the couple. They may worry that couple therapy will just reinforce this burden further.

That is why therapy on the autism spectrum requires great sensitivity, openness and honesty on the part of the therapist.

I do my best to go at the pace of each person and to be open about my thoughts and style of therapy.

Together we can find a way that supports dialogue whilst releasing some of the pressure that this might normally entail.


Can we afford it?

It’s true that some therapies can be expensive. Fortunately, using a fresh page approach means that there is no “one size fits all” price.

I am committed to making my services accessible and strive to offer some daytime slots at a reduced cost. Please contact me if you wish to discuss this further.


How long will we be in therapy?

It’s hard to know how long therapy can take. However I can help you both decide, exactly where you want to get to and then to decide how you might know when you are there.