Family Therapy

Children listening to music while sitting on a couch

Why family therapy?

Family therapy can be a highly effective way of tackling some of the most challenging problems that families can face.

It’s strength lies in helping families to build unbeatable teams. It is useful in providing parenting support. It is also recommended for families experiencing difficult or painful transitions such as divorce, migration, aging, bereavement, disability, special educational needs, psychological or physical ill health.


How does family therapy work?

Family therapy provides a safe space where all family members can find a voice and feel heard. It’s about sharing ideas and looking at the problem from different angles. When all family members get involved, the solution is rarely as far away as you think.


What is family play therapy?

Family play therapy is an exciting approach which utilizes the language of childhood to include even the smallest family member.

When families find a space for play they can benefit in a number of ways:

Play often brings families together providing opportunities for them to unite as a team.

It seems to open up creativity, putting solutions more easily at reach.

It can often take a child to reveal the most valuable truth in a family.

Exploring the world of play may enable parents to look at their children in new and surprising ways.

Children can benefit from realizing that they are understood and that their ideas are worthwhile.


What if a member of my family does not want to attend?

Sometimes, a family member is reluctant to come to therapy.

Some may worry that the therapist will take sides.

They might worry about saying something that they regret.

They may worry about being blamed for what has gone wrong.

When life in the family becomes uncomfortable and unhappy for some or all of it’s members, it is easy to point the finger or to retreat from conflict.

However, family therapy offers an alternative to blame. All family members are welcomed as a valued part of the team.

It might be helpful to find out why he or she does not want to come and to reassure them. If he or she would prefer not to attend then please feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns. I will do my best to offer useful options.

Can we afford it?

It’s true that some therapies can be expensive. Fortunately, using a fresh page approach means that there is no “one size fits all” price.

I am committed to making my services accessible and strive to offer some daytime slots at a reduced cost. Please contact me if you wish to discuss this further.

How long will we be in therapy?

In family therapy sessions can be spaced on a weekly, bi weekly or even monthly basis. Sometimes, one session is all that is needed to help a family over a particular bump in the road.

It can be helpful to decide together exactly where you want to get to and then to decide how you might know when you are there.

Whether you wish to attend once, twice or multiple times, I endeavours to keep spaces for returning families.