Individual Psychotherapy

Man reclines on a couch in a V.I.P. room

If you are considering individual psychotherapy, some of these questions and answers may be helpful.


How do I know if I need psychotherapy?

Everyone benefits from psychotherapy so there is never a wrong time to try it. Indicators that therapy would be recommended are when:

Troubling thoughts keep repeating themselves in your mind,

You feel hampered by uncomfortable, painful or even frightening emotions,

You are experiencing an unusual degree of irritability.

Physical symptoms such as low energy, joint and muscle pain,

Stomach upsets or difficulties with sleep and appetite might also be indicators but you should always consult your doctor first.


Can I afford it?

It’s true that some therapies can be expensive. Fortunately, using a fresh page approach means that there is no “one size fits all” price.

I am committed to making my services accessible and strive to offer some daytime slots at a reduced cost. Please contact me if you wish to discuss this further.

How long will I be in therapy for?

Although some people describe therapy as a journey, there is no estimated time of arrival. It can be helpful to first decide exactly where you want to get to and then to decide how you might know when you are there. Unlike many other forms of transport, there are always first class seats available somewhere. Whether you wish to embark on a voyage of discovery or simply make it to the next port of call, it would not be helpful to let worries about time put you off.


I would find it hard to trust a person I don’t know.

It would be entirely understandable if you felt that way. Most people come to therapy with no idea of what to expect. It’s hard to believe that anyone could understand what you are going through or that there is any solution to the problem. You may be worried about opening up a can of worms or worried that you are going to be judged.

That’s why the first few sessions are always about getting to know one another. It is important to go at your own pace and to say or do what makes you feel the most comfortable. You will know quickly if this is right for you.